What are wall decals?

We offer two types of wall decals.

Vinyl Wall Decals are cut from rolls of color, and with 35 options to choose from, they are customizable to match your color scheme. The vinyl is thin, so the decals look like they have been painted on once applied. The material involves a transfer process to apply them to the wall, and they can be used only one time as they are not reusable. They can be easily removed when you are ready to take them down and we recommend applying heat with a hairdryer to make it easier to peel them off.

Peel and Stick re-positionable Wall Decals are full color printed decals that are contour cut. These decals require no transfer process; you simply peel and stick or re-stick if necessary for the perfect position. They can be removed and reused and are so easy to apply even the kids can help!

My walls are shorter, can I get the decals smaller?

Our birch tree trunk heights are made in two lengths for the same price, 101” or 108” and they can be trimmed down during application to fit shorter walls. 

Other designs can be made smaller, but even though it’s being made smaller, the labor costs necessary to do a custom size won’t change the price or might even increase it.

Where can I use In An Instant Art wall decals?

Our wall decals can be applied to just about any surface including drywall (your typical interior wall), concrete, glass (mirrors & windows), wood, and metal.

I have textured walls, will In An Instant Art wall decals stick to my wall?

Yes, our decals work on slightly textured walls. Decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement rendering or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. These materials are not completely smooth and unfortunately, they do not offer the sufficient smooth surface area that is needed for the decal to adhere to effectively.

If you have heavily textured walls, please contact us before you buy. We will send you a sample if you ask and you can also send us a photo of your wall first.

How easy is it to install In An Instant Art wall decals?

Our decals are easy to apply and every order includes step by step instructions. We also have online video tutorials. See our videos

How do you remove wall decals?

Our wall decals can be removed by slowly peeling them off. We recommend using a hair dryer to warm up the vinyl as you start peeling. That will keep the vinyl from taking off any weak areas of paint.

Are wall decals re-useable?

Please check the description of the item you are interested in. Our vinyl wall decals are not reusable and cannot be re-positioned. Our peel-and-stick wall decals can be re-positioned and moved around.

I rent an apartment, can I use wall decals?

Our decals are perfect for applying in a temporary home or rental because they can be easily removed. The adhesive is not permanent and as long as you follow our removal instructions and apply a bit of heat with a hairdryer, they should come off easily and without leaving behind any residue.

If I send you a photo of our wall color and bedding can you match colors to it?

Unfortunately matching colors electronically is just not possible. If you need to match colors or want to make sure the colors you choose will show up well on your wall color, we can send you samples. Just let us know what colors you would like to see and an address to send them to.

What is Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a newfangled way to apply wallpaper without the glue or the mess and it is completely removable. Our wallpaper is a lightweight fabric material that is self-adhesive and can be re-positioned during the installation for perfect alignment.

Can I reuse the wallpaper?

The wallpaper is re-positionable, but it would pose some challenge trying to take it down and move it with the self adhesive.

Can I cover existing wallpaper with In An Instant Art Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

Our fabric wallpaper is not opaque, therefore it is slightly translucent and will take on the color of the wall it is going on and any pattern behind it. However, we can get an opaque blockout version of our product, so please contact us for pricing.

Can I change the color of the wallpaper?

We try to offer our wallpapers in the most popular colors for home decor but if you want a different color please message us for a custom order and appropriate pricing for color matching.