Seasonal Fall Accessories

Birch Tree Wall Decal Seasonal Accessories


New from In An Instant Art, seasonal Birch Tree Accessories will change your walls for the season!

Children are curious about the world around them, so we came up with a plan to celebrate the seasons while teaching your kids about the weather.

Don’t have tree decals? These are also fantastic on their own.

The accessories are made with our revolutionary self adhesive reusable fabric material. Save the paper so you can store them away when they are not in use. Bring them back year after year for decorating fun!

They are so easy to apply even the kids can help!

For a Limited Time Offer we will gift wrap in our Birch Tree Wrapping Paper during the holiday season. Offer ends 12/20/16.



Each printed Seasonal sheet is 48″ x 20″. See images for more dimensions.

{ What’s Included }
Test Decal

Fall Set:
40 Leaves
3 Pumpkins
3 Bats
1 Harvest Moon

Winter Set:
45 Snowflakes
10 Icicles
1 Cloud
5 Ornament
3 Cardinal Birds

Spring Set:
64 Raindrops
10 Flora
6 Leaves
3 Clouds
1 Frog

Summer Set:
3 Sunflowers
1 Sun
1 Beehive
15 Bees
11 Ladybugs


The Birch Tree Wall Decals pictured are not included, but they can be purchased from our shop.