In An Instant Art Vinyl Wall Decals offer an easy and economical way to add personality to walls to make them really pop. Available in 35 fashionable interior vinyl colors, these decals come in a matte finish to provide the look of a lovely hand painted or stenciled pattern in a fraction of the time. When you are ready to remove them, they come off easily and won’t leave any adhesive residue. You can also apply our Vinyl Decals to almost any rigid surface, such as smooth, painted ceilings, glass and mirror, doors or drawers.

Our Vinyl Wall Decals are perfect for designing your own unique space for your wee one. Each is completely customizable, with 35 fashionable interior vinyl colors. We offer a variety of themes such as birch trees, monkey trees and jungle sets, woodland animals and under the sea nursery sets. In An Instant Art starts with your inspiration as we help bring your vision for your little one’s space to fruition.

We illustrate each of our designs from scratch, starting with a pencil and tracing pad. Next, we scan the artwork and add detail using the latest design software. The simplicity of the designs is a feature in vinyl, as they are meant to appear painted on your wall. Many details are cut out, leaving openings such as a knot in a birch tree as the color of your wall behind it. They are gorgeous once applied, and will add so much flair and beauty to your space.

We cut each design out on our two state-of-the-art plotters, which have excellent precision cutting capabilities. Then, we remove the negative space by hand, leaving only the design that was cut on the paper to be covered with a transfer sheet for installation. Any multiple color layouts we offer are built by hand, by layering the colors on top of each other. Each product is skillfully handled with care involved in the process of making them just for you.

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