Our Latest Projects, Featuring Local Artists

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for the team at In An Instant Art! We have been busy with two fun art installations, and we wanted to share the news and some pictures so that you could participate in our excitement as well…

Gallery Install for Tim Marsden

We were thrilled to team up with Tim Marsden for an art show on June 10th. Tim Marsden is a local Seattle artist and friend of ours. He reached out to us in early April for help with his art show, titled Short Stories, in the Studio e Gallery in Georgetown.

Tim wanted to take his small line art drawings (5” x 7″) which were featured in the show, and enlarge them to cover a 10-foot wall. Since the Studio e Gallery space is quite large (with 12-foot ceiling heights), we expected the result to be a smashingly successful use of the wall space, while showcasing Tims art in massive scale.

In order to make his vision a reality, we needed to scale the art for the huge increase in size (8’ x 13’), then piece it out to cut on our vinyl plotter (54 inches is our max cutting width). Finally, we puzzled it out on the wall and applied it. It was quite a tedious process, but well worth the hard work!

The install took a total of 10 hours, which was a long time but was totally worth it to see Tim’s art so large! We think the combination of his idea, his art, along with our expertise, made it a really great show.

Macrina Bakery Art Installation

We also had the fun opportunity to work with our SODO studio neighbors, Macrina Bakery, with an art installation this month. Back in early April, they asked us to help them decorate a new bakery space that is located in Kent, WA.

Macrina Bakerys founder, Leslie Mackie, wanted our help to create a charming work environment for the bakery staff to enjoy. When she approached us, she mentioned that there was too much white wall space and wanted In An Instant Arts assistance in adding some aesthetically pleasing visuals to the space.

Together, we came up with six fun design elements for the walls; cherries, an apple, wheat, an olive branch, a purple cow and the Macrina logo. Each design is an 8′ x 8′ vinyl wall decal. Keeping Feng Shui in mind, Leslie had us place them so that every time you turn a corner in the space, there’s a pop of color to brighten up the large area. We completed the installation on June 28th.

Working with Macrina Bakery was a really fun collaboration between artists and we enjoyed the opportunity to bring color and interest to another small local businessspace! An ordinary warehouse space has been transformed into an extraordinary bakery that runs around the clock, bringing joy and delicious goodies to your table.

In addition to our normal operations designing and creating beautiful wall art and vinyl decals for your home, we love doing special projects like these, and look forward to telling you about more to come in the near future!

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